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Intelligence Services

We provide unique services for monitoring online publications, tracking different forums, blogs, social activities based on predefined criteria. We issue alerts based on our findings and prepare reports or write news articles. We can track:

  • Local and worldwide events
  • Security incidents (malicious online activity, web site hijacks, network compromises)
  • Vulnerabilities in software and hardware
  • Online activities of certain groups / communities
  • And more

Information Security Consluting

Hackers can highjack your web site, install malware on your computers and steal your money.

According to US CERT, 90% of all web sites can be compromised using vulnerabilities in the web applications.

This year there are registered more than 50 targeted attacks that used zero-day vulnerabilities.

Every day there is about 15 publicly disclosed vulnerabilities.

We can advise you how to protect your assets.


Why Cybersecurity Help?

You need a secure web site that is hard to hack? You need news articles for your web site? We can provide both! Request a Free Trial and enjoy all benefits of premium subscription within the next 2 weeks.

Translations and rewrites

News articles are extremely urgent nowadays and a variety of news agencies hire professional writers and editors to compete for leadership on the market. We can help you with that. We have a team of experienced writers who are fluent in English, Russian and Ukrainian and can cover up to 100 news stories a day in aforementioned languages.

We can:
  • monitor local and worldwide events
  • write high quality news articles
  • search or create unique thumbnails
  • publish articles onto your web site

Our company provides a quality content ready to be used “as is” without additional editorial and correction.

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Web Application Security

According to Cenzic research, 96% of tested web applications in 2013 contain at least 1 serious vulnerability. This means that almost every web application contain a vulnerability that can be used by attackers to compromise the website. Along with vulnerabilities in web application there could be also misconfigurations and vulnerabilities in application environment, e.g. webserver, proxy server, database or even operating system.

Attacker usually do not hesitate ti exploit weaknesses that can leverage in application or system compromise, that is why a complex approach to web application security is needed in order to protect your web site.

Our company provides a number of services aimed to protect your website:

  • Source code audit
  • Black & white box penetration testing
  • Malware detection & removal
  • Web Application Firewall (WAF) configuration

We have teams of security researchers and web developers that can identify vulnerabilities and give instructions on their remediation including source code patching and WAF or webserver configuration. We can develop custom rules or write universal code that will stop the attack and protect the website until the original code is patched.

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About Security Help

We are on the market since 2007. During all this time we grew from a startup into a company, which provides unique services worldwide. And now we are proud to open a new office in Czech Republic.

We managed to combine editors, programmers and designers to sell a unique product.

We analyze worldwide events and create news stories and analytical articles. We provide ready to publish materials and offer them to our clients.

We provide news stories and articles in Russian, Ukrainian and English.

Our development team makes everything possible and impossible to speed up and optimize the process of searching and publishing events.

Our main goal is to know first and publish first. We are using our in house developed tool to track all event worldwide, we monitor social networks, forums, blogs, news agencies and government websites. We analyze received information, check its accuracy, create article and deliver it to the client.

Developing with security in mind

Each web site has a risk of being compromised by malicious people. This could harm your reputation and even destroy your business. That is why security is a key element in web site development. Our company has several levels of web site testing before the production release, which include browser compatibility, web site performance and web site security. A team of security experts will check the web site for possible security vulnerabilities before the release.

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